Potty training: Part two, step by step

In my previous potty training post, I talked about how I have absolutely no idea what to do with potty training! It’s a scary thing to be faced with but I feel today, I made a break through.

After some great feedback from the last post, one reader mentioned that trying to force children to use the potty caused trouble for some of her friends. This is something I had been trying to do thinking that the more I made her sit on it, the more chance I had of catching her when she needed a wee.

Anyway, lately Lily has started using the word ‘yes’ a lot more but also started showing some understanding of it. She woke up during the night and her nappy felt full. You know it’s full when they walk over to you like a penguin! What was odd though was she was fiddling with it and I asked her without really thinking ‘Do you need to use the toilet?’

Oh my word, she turned round and said yes!

She had her Cbeebies magazine in her room, so she picked it up on the way out (no suggestion by me), left her room, walked to the bathroom and just happily sat on the toilet. I couldn’t believe how little fuss she made! She usually cries, screams, tried to get up and so on. She just sat there, reading her magazine.

Happily sat on the toilet, reading her magazine!
Happily sat on the toilet, reading her magazine!

She even started pointing out different characters she recognised the suddenly, a little trickling noise started and we both gasped. I think she was surprised. It must feel weird doing a wee without a nappy on as that’s all she’s ever known. After she was done, she pointed at the toilet roll, so we used that. She then tried to reach the flush handle (I did it for her in the end) and then walked off to go and wash her hands. She knew EXACTLY what to do and I am shocked!

We have been letting her in the bathroom with us for a few months now, hoping that she would pick up what to do and it clearly worked.

Only a short post I know, but I was so surprised at the sudden turn around I had to share it with someone (currently at home alone). Fingers crossed, this is the start of heading towards a life of no more nappies!

Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “Potty training: Part two, step by step

  1. Fantastic! I know I was late in commenting on the other one but it pretty much sounds about the same as what I said. When they’re ready they just do it. And a fantastic time to hear a yes! #bigfatlinky hope to see you there next week


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