Canterbury Cathedral

I recently posted about a day out Lily and I enjoyed at the Roman museum in Canterbury. As we live locally, we’re really lucky to be able to see some beautiful places including Canterbury Cathedral.

We’ve taken Lily for a visit once before when she was only about six months old, as we had friends visiting, but I thought the Easter holidays would be a great opportunity to visit again. It was a really great visit.

First of all, the entrance is normally about £10 but as I live locally and have a student ID for a local university, I was allowed free access. Walking up to the entrance, there was a beautiful Easter display. It had the cross and tomb of christ which would go on to play a significant role in their Easter services.

Canterbury cathedral is a magnificent place and before I had Lily, I would visit if I had a free afternoon. I come from a family of keen photographers and always found it fascinating, you never see it the same way twice.
Walking up to Canterbury Cathedral.
Walking up to Canterbury Cathedral.

As we walked in, Lily was keen to get out of the pushchair and walk. Now this makes me nervous. An energetic child in an old, historic building is quite scary. I was convinced something would break!  She was really good at walking around and appeared to be enjoying a lot of the features. She looked at nearly every statue, trying to say hello and talk to them (she is obsessed lately with saying hello and goodbye. She also got involved with a children’s, interactive screen with various bits of information on display. The fact that she was excited though, made me excited. I think as a parent, seeing you child happy and engaging in an activity really gets to you and makes you happy.

It was also nice to see the staff were happy with her to walk about. I’ve been to so may places with Lily where the second I let her get out and walk, staff tut and roll their eyes.

We walked round the main building before heading outside to a court heard type area. This area was empty, probably due to how cold it was outside and this meant we could have a bit of fun. You could see across the courtyard through different arches, leading the whole way around, brilliant for a game of peek-a-boo! As we walked around outside, there where a few doors leading through to a chapel where various important documents have been signed, including one about the channel tunnel.
The Cathedral courtyard.
The Cathedral courtyard.

This all lead back into the main building once again where you were free to just explore. We also went down into the crypt to visit the site of Thomas Becket’s murder. The crypt is a really mysterious area. It’s dark so that the wall paintings can be preserved for the future so photos aren’t permitted, but the whole atmosphere shakes you.

They ask you to remain silent while in their which builds this curious surroundings. As you walk around, this grows and grows until you reach the Thomas Becket area where it just climaxes.

It is a beautiful building so I won’t ruin the surprises it has for you all. it is really worth a visit if you are ever near Canterbury.

2 thoughts on “Canterbury Cathedral

  1. Thank you for the recommendation. If we are ever near then we will be sure to visit. Thanks for sharing this and for linking up #bigfatlinky


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