Learning to drive

This week I passed my theory test and more shockingly, first time! (thank you!). I will admit, it was hard. I find it difficult to remember things for exams so this had me panicking. As most people have pointed out though, the easy bit is over, now I need to pass the practical test.

I had quite a few driving lessons when I turned 17 and I am pretty good, well I think, at the basics. I can change gear easily, turn well, check mirrors regularly and so on, but I Have never attempted going backwards (known technically as reversing).

Matt has taken me on a couple of driving lessons and has attempted to teach me some new skills. He came home as pale as a ghost. Reversing is not my forte! I think where he’s been driving for a long time, he forgets that when you’re learning, it’s quite hard. I am one of those people who take a while to pick up a new skill, but once i’ve got it, i’ve got it. Matt on the other hand, only has to do something two/three times and he’s got it.

After about two hours of him getting impatient with me and me getting angry, I decided to just find a local instructor and have been looking at something called an intensive driving course. For me this is ideal and think it my be a really good idea for other mums wanting to learn to drive.

Learning plates at the ready!
Learning plates at the ready!

The idea of them is that instead of having a couple of lessons for an hour each week for months on end, you have a long lesson every day or other day for a week – three weeks (depending on experience), then take your test at the end of the course. For parents, it means that instead of finding a babysitter every week, For me this is ideal. I have my summer break from university coming up soon and with Lily still at nursery during that time, it seems like a great opportunity to take!

Look out for part two soon…

5 thoughts on “Learning to drive

  1. I started learning to drive in September at age 28 having only ever driven a golf buggy (once!) before. I was petrified!! However, I am now so relaxed my instructor told me to keep my hands on the wheel in my last lesson! haha, For me I thought about intensive driving but I think the experience of driving over a period of months has helped me. Sometimes a 2 hour lesson can feel a bit draining for me, then you have a whole week to get over it and process it before your next one. Anyway, I have my test in a couple of months time and I’m already having bad dreams about failing. My advice for reversing is slow and steady, it’s all about clutch control, and adjust your mirrors if you need to. I always turn mine to face down when reversing around a corner, bay parking or parallel park. #bigfatlinky


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