The Baby Show 2015: Fashion and knowledge

One of the biggest attractions of The Baby Show for myself was the main stage. An area where are talks from the leading experts in everything from weaning to sleeping. The lure of the iCandy fashion show was also to hard to resist and the dad of the year awards tugged my heart-strings.
The main stage at the NEC
The main stage at the NEC

During the Saturday show, we took some time out of our shopping to listen to Jo Tantum, a sleep expert. Jo has been working with babies for around 25 years and it was during her time working as a maternity nurse that she realised how important it is for a baby to have a sleep and feeding routine. Since then, Jo has gone on to help parents with her advice through writing for popular magazines like Prima Baby and through appearing on TV.

Jo was at the top of our list of speakers to listen to. We have been having a tough time over the past few weeks, getting Lily to sleep, practically trying everything. It turns out, trying everything is where we have gone wrong!

One point that Jo made about getting your baby to sleep is that a new routine takes around three days to make an effect. I didn’t know this, so I have only ever given a new technique, at most, a couple of days (now clearly not very effective!). She also talked about not giving your child reliant objects. For example, if you always give your baby a bottle when they’re tired, they will associate that with going to sleep and become reliant upon that.
Jo Tantum at the NEC 16/05/2015
Jo Tantum at the NEC 16/05/2015

Jo also talked about how dads can play an important roles within the routine. This was done by suggesting dads do the ‘Dream feed’ in the evening and how they can help expelled all the child’s energy through play while mum has that desired 10 minuets of peace and quiet!

We also went to see the iCandy fashion show. I was beyond excited about seeing this as I had heard that iCandy were going to be debuting their new Designer collection. This collection features two, special edition designs of the iCandy peach to celebrate its 5th birthday and they are beautiful. You had two models walking around the stage showing off the extremely sleek design. It floated around the stage smoothly and really stood out in my mind for the rest of the day.

iCandy also featured the new Raspberry collection. iCandy have been pushing the Raspberry lately with their #HereComesColour campaign, celebrating the vast and bright colours on offer. Also included in their show was the numerous, customisable options for their pushchairs from the carry cot options to converting to a double pushchair. The blanket range iCandy have launched made a brief appearance as well as their bag collection.
The iCandy fashion show.
The iCandy fashion show.

Later on in the day, there was the dad of the year awards. Hosted by Dean Beaumont of DaddyNatal, I went along with the preconception of it including celebrity dads such as Peter Andre and David Beckham. I was wrong. It was about dads with everyday jobs and homes who had done some beautifully, extraordinary things. Early on, the daughter of one of the winners stood on the stage a read out a beautiful poem about her dad, what he means to her and how much she loved him for it. She was about 6 years old and had everyone in tears. It was such an honest account of what a dad is. As the winners were announced and ever more moving accounts were read, the audience filled.

The winner though that stood out the most for me was that of a man who’s son had dies a couple of months after his first birthday. This man had organised a clean up of the cemetery where his son was buried as it had become over grown and messy. He said it was like tidying up his sons toys at the end of the day and that just because he isn’t there with them anymore, it doesn’t mean he will stop doing things for him. It was so real and raw that you just fell apart, but as he walked up to collect his award, he said thank you to his wife and his newborn daughter and you couldn’t help but smile at how happy and proud they looked.

It was truly amazing.

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