The Baby Show 2015: Bottles at the ready

At The Baby Show this year, we received a few different feeding bottles to try and also test out. All are suitable from birth and here is the results…


Nuby natural touch

This bottle was really easy to assemble and took me less than a minuet. The same cab be said for the lid. It comes off easily with one hand yet is secure enough when in use. The bottle shape is really comfortable to hold in your hand. It’s not to big and it naturally follows the line of your hand to prevent you hand cramping up during feeding.

It’s a really nice, high quality product. The teet is really soft so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your baby’s mouth, yet is strong enough to withstand any biting during teething. The teet also allows the liquid to flow through at a steady, slow rate and doesn’t leak when the lid is on.

The bottles come in two options; 150 ml (5oz) or 240 ml (8oz) with packs of 3 (240 ml) retailing at around £8.99 (
IMG_4715           IMG_4716

MAM anti-colic

This bottle is great for cleaning as it completely comes apart at the neck and base of the bottle. The bottle is quite heavy though, even without any liquid in it. It’s also very bulky in its shape and I struggled to find a comfortable way to hold it. Assembly took a bit longer, but that’s due to the fact that it splits into more parts.The seals are tight to prevent leaking, but the one in the bottom is hard to place.

The liquid in this bottle also flowed at a steady rate and can be controlled easily by your baby through pressure on the teet.

These bottles, like the Nuby ones, come in packs of three and are also available in Boots for £17.50
IMG_4730           IMG_4731

Munchkin Latch

Suitable from birth, the Munchkin Latch has a really unique teet. It has two rings which gives it the appearance of a bell. The idea is that the teet can be moved in any direction to best suit your baby. It’s also designed to mimic the shape of the breast to encourage your child to latch on to it (hence the name Latch). The teet also allows the liquid to flow at a faster rate compared to the other bottles.

The bottle also features a small, blue, anti-colic device located at the base of the bottle. This can be easily removed like the other bottle components for cleaning and doesn’t cause any leaks while in use.

It’s also extremely light and compact making it well suited to travelling and day-to-day use. Again, this is also really easy and quick to assemble.

The Munchkin Latch can currently be found in Boots for £8.66
IMG_4722           IMG_4723
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2 thoughts on “The Baby Show 2015: Bottles at the ready

  1. We got these too, but I’ve decided to use them as back ups just in case we don’t get on with our Tommee Tippee ones. Luckily, our first baby took to them like a dream, but no two babies are the same! The Baby Show was great, favourite baby event so far! #bigfatlinky x


  2. Great post. I’m a little gutted that my boys are older and I’m missing things like the baby show as it seems everyone had something great from it. These look fantastic. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week


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