The Baby Show 2015: Haberman Lovi breast pads

Along with receiving a selection of bottles at The Baby Show, I was also given a box of Haberman lovi breast pads.

Breast pads are one of the essentials when breast-feeding your baby, so need to meet all of your needs. These pads where thick and absorbent, yet didn’t bulk my bra up. They rested naturally and were actually quite comfortable. These are great, especially in the later stages of pregnancy when your boobs can start to leak (wet patches on your shirt is not the best style!). They were so comfortable that at one point I forget that they were there.
Haberman Lovi breast pads.
Haberman Lovi breast pads.

I also suffer from really sensitive skin. Anything sets it off, fabric softener, bubble bath and so on, these pads left no mark on me at all and didn’t itch, something which for me is even rarer! The pads come with a sticky strip down one side of the fabric. This is so you can stick it to the inside of your bra so that it doesn’t move about and scrunch up.

One of the Haberman Lovi breast pads.


The only downside of this product was that the box was a pain to open. It had small tear lines for you to follow, but the card was so stiff that by the time it had started to open, I had already ripped another part of the box. I also managed to cut my finger on the box. The pads themselves are all individually wrapped so that you can have some in your handbag, changing bag, bathroom and so on, so that you always have some when you need them.
The box was a struggle to open at first.
The box was a struggle to open at first.

They retail in Tesco for £8.99. This is for a pack of 40 which, compared to other brands is a great price, especially given the quality of them.

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