Introducing i-Size: Car seats

Following on from last weeks post, Introducing i-Size, I thought it would be a good idea to show you all some i-Size certified car seats so that you can get an idea about how they look and work. When looking at i-Size, we are currently looking at car seats for children up to four years old and these are the following:

Infant car seats

These are the first car seats that your child will use. You usually see them on people’s pushchairs to from a travel system or being carried out of the hospital as you leave. Maxi Cosi have developed the Pebble Plus, an extension of the Pebble car seat which can be classified as an i-Size seat.

What makes the Pebble Plus seat an i-Size seat, is that it is made from a shock absorbing material which dispels the energy created in an accident. The sides of the seat are also a lot higher so offer more protection. The seat also comes with a baby hug inlay so that even the smallest newborns can travel safely.

Suitable from birth to 75cm tall (12 months old) the Pebble Plus offers a safer option for parents. The Pebble Plus can be used with the 2Way Fix ISOFIX base which can be used with the 2Way pearl seat when needed.
Copyright: Maxi Cosi, Durel UK
Copyright: Maxi Cosi, Durel UK

Combination car seat group 0+ – 1

These car seats allow you to keep your child rear facing until the compulsory 15 months that i-Size requires. The seat can also be used from ages 2-4 years as a forward facing seat by sampling changing the position.

The Joie i-Anchor is one of the best examples of this. The seat has to be fitted to the i-Anchor base and can be installed in the rear or forward facing position, but it can also be reclined to allow smaller babies to lie flat. All though this seat is a combination seat, it can be used from birth with the newborn inlay. You can also attach the iGemm infant car seat to the same base to create a complete system for up to four years.
Copyright: Joie Global
Copyright: Joie Global

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