Childhood toys

As a child, I had some toys which I genuinely thought were amazing (now i’m not so sure). I recently saw a post on Facebook about ‘lost toys of the 00s’. It was a collection of all the things my sisters and I would basically sulk for days on end to get. It made me smile and remember just how silly they were.

Toys make a childhood. James May (i’m still sobbing form Top Gear) presented a show a few years ago about the toys he and his sister would play as children so thought I would share some of mine with you all!

Harry Potter: Book of Spells

This was an electronic book with about 5, Nintendo style games based on the book series and a Wikipedia type section of information on the characters. That was it. Black white and exhausted within a few days. I sulked at my mum for literally months for one of these. I’d seen a girl with one at school and decided ‘I want that!’. The silly thing? I don’t even like Harry Potter. I never really have. So it was a total waste of money. I think my sister played with it more than I did.

It’s fate…it ended up in the toilet or bath somehow one day and I was quite happy!
Babyliss crazy braid

Anyone who was aged between 7 and 13 in the 00s had one of these. The idea of it was you loaded it with beads and other objects, clipped you hair onto it (you can see where this is going) and pressed a button. The machine would then spin and braid your hair perfectly like on the advert. Ha! No such luck. I have never seen one work. It always ended one of two way, the machine hanging from your hair in a giant knot, or a bald patch would be visible and a ball of hair stuck in the clamps.

Painful stuff!
Changing rooms: Dolls house

I loved this so much! For you extra youngsters, changing rooms was an interior design show, a bit like 60 minuet makeover and I used to watch it whenever I was off school. They brought out a dolls house which came with different wallpaper, furniture and so on so that you could build up your own home. It was amazing. I’m not sure what happened to it or where it went, hopefully eBay will have one somewhere.
Thunderbirds Tracy island

The new series, not so much, but I loved classic Thunderbirds. I love all those spy type secret doors and so on. The whole island worked properly with the pool moving and the trees falling to make way for the various Thunderbirds. It even had the light up consoles. There’s a new version of this to coincide with the new series. I may have to buy it, you know, for Lily to play with…

To this stay i’m still confused about Ello. It was like a dolls house which you built from various parts made form plastic sheets. The end result was a futuristic house with these weird looking people. I remember wanting it after watching a TV show called “My parents are aliens” as it was like building there house. It was odd, but memorable. I recently saw a child playing with Ello the other day and fear it maybe making a comeback!
If you’re looking to recapture your youth, you can find most of these toys and more on selling sites such as Ebay and Amazon.

One thought on “Childhood toys

  1. Love this post! Last birthdays and Christmas I’ve introduced some of my childhood favourites. The boys love them ad much ad I did! And you’re right you can find them cheaply on amazon or eBay. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week


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