Check your breasts

The past couple of days have been the some of the hardest I have ever faced. After visiting my doctor, he concluded there was definitely a lump of some sort in my breast and referred me to a specialist breast clinic. It was shocking. I went in there with a few problems with my breasts. They’ve always been on the naturally, large size and since I was about 14, I have worn a bra pretty much 24/7. I know it’s not good for you, but the pain of my breasts pulling on my skin just wasn’t worth it.  He said that the clinic would be able to sort that problem out as well as see why there was this lump.

I went home and just sank into my bed. What the hell had just happened? Is it a cyst, muscle problem or worse? Is even juts a silly lump that means nothing? I had absolutely no idea and that terrified me. What was worse was that when my daughter came home, I fell apart. What if it something worse and I can’t be here for her and to look after her? The thought of leaving her made my world shatter…and this is before I have even been to the clinic.

After talking to various people, they all said that it was highly likely that the lump was a cyst of lump of fat which would be harmless. That niggling feeling in the back of my head really started to die down, but I was still looking out the window constantly for the postman, hoping that all important clinic date would arrive as soon as possible!

I even asked my godmother to come round to talk to me. She is literally the most calming person I know. I told her what was wrong and she told me how she and people she knew had been through similar things at ages where breast cancer is a serious risk and were fine. She told me my age was on my side and that working myself up was going to do no one any good.

I went back to the doctor as 48 hours after the first time seeing him, I had worried myself in to such a state that I couldn’t sleep, eat or look after my daughter properly. This could not go on for two or more weeks. He made me feel a lot better. He repeated what everyone else had said to me, that it is likely to be a harmless lump or cyst that could be easily dealt with. He also said though that breast cancer is very rare at my age (grand old 22 years!), but not unlikely. Worrying myself into the state I was in was highly unnecessary.

He also described what would happen at my appointment. They would do various test and that they would probably be able to see just from looking at a scan what it was. Especially if it is just a cyst. It was the most reassuring thing I had heard. There is always the chance it could be something else, but after saying how my symptoms made he think it was fine. He commented on how my breasts were tender around the lump and that if it was something serious, then normally, there is no pain. He said that cysts are what usually causes pain.

The day of my appointment came and I couldn’t believe it. It was literally over in about five minuets. It was so quick and the women told me straight away that it was fine. I would need to have an ultrasound on my breast at a later date, but that there was nothing to worry about. It was like a huge weight had lifted from me. She said that after having a baby, lumps in the breast can be quite common.

She said this and I just cried. I have never felt so relieved in my life!

If you find anything odd about your breasts or are just worried, head and see your GP. Lumps in your breast are more common once you’ve had baby, no matter how old you are.

5 thoughts on “Check your breasts

  1. I discovered a breast lump on my boyfriend’s birthday while staying at his parents house and spent the whole night in tears (Great night for him!). It felt huge and obvious and I could not believe I had never noticed it before. The doctor said I had wait an entire month to see if it would dissapear after my period- that was horrible! Had all my tests etc 3 days before my final year dissertation was due in and I was trying to complete that and study for my final uni exams and just could not concentrate. Thankfully it is all fine, I’ve got something called a fibroadenoma which is a benign (non-cancer) tumour- something to do with my hormones. Three years later and it’s still there, apparently it might break down if I get pregnant/ breastfeed (because it’s all to do with hormones).


  2. What relief to read that all was well. I’ve got a post about a similar scare in the pipeline. I’ve struggled to explore the feelings I had in relation to it, but I need to set them loose and move on. Well done for putting your feelings into words and reminding everyone about the importance of checking our breasts.

    What nerve wracking days it must have been for you. So glad, it was nothing serious. #Facebook cross posting share.


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