Baby Faced Mums: Week four

This week, I found myself more emotionally involved with the girls. I’m not sure why, but hearing their stories made me tear up a little and just think back over my parenting journey so far.

When we met Sammy, a key moment for me was when she arrived home to a surprise baby shower. I cried at how wonderful it was that her friends had done that for her, but also when she had a little talk with her sister. She talks about how she really doesn’t want to fail him to the point where she breaks down in tears and I found myself crying with her.

She also expressed her worries about impending motherhood to her mother-in-law who has experience of being a young mum. She talked about how she had three children at a young age and loved how she was still young enough to go out with them now they are grown up.

This week, we also met Hannah. Hannah spoke about the daunting prospect of being a single mum, but took the approach that if her mum could do it with two children, she could do it with one. She also mentioned how women have been having babies for thousands of years, so she was sure she’d be okay.

Hannah had been told that having children may not be an option for her. When she hit puberty, it was discovered that she suffered from endometriosis and it was during her regular blood tests that she found out she was pregnant.
Copyright: Channel 5
Copyright: Channel 5

Hannah and her sister talked about the troubles Hannah had with breastfeeding. After days or trying after her daughters birth, Hannah tried breastfeeding but found the best option for her was to exclusively express, then use a bottle. Problems with breastfeeding are common for all mums, not just those of a younger age.

Finally, we met Nikisha. She lives in London with her son and talks about the differences between before and after parenthood. She also talks about the difference with your socialising. She mentions how her social life is now just on Whatsapp (same here if i’m honest!).

She also embraces her motherly side and makes it work not only at home with her son, but in her professional life too. She works at the local nursery where her son, also attends. Nikisha’s mum Shirley also made an appearance. She talked about her fears of her daughter not being able to cope with motherhood and also, how she would have wished she had waited a bit longer. I think she raised points which a lot of parents want for their children. For example, living alone and learning all about independence before having the responsibilities of a child.

I know that I would like Lily to wait a bit longer than I did to have a child. I want her to have that time living independently and learning the ropes of life and also the freedom that brings, before having the continued responsibilities of raising a child.

Shirley also talks about the relationship with Nikisha’s boyfriend. Although they are still a couple, Nikisha spends most of her time alone raising their son as her boyfriend is often away training with football.

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3 thoughts on “Baby Faced Mums: Week four

  1. I watched one of the episodes a few weeks ago. Before I’d watched the episode I was expecting the mums to be in denial about how tough it will be being a young mum but I got the gist that they were all pretty confident. Just because you’re having a baby when your technically still classed as a teen doesn’t make you any less capable of being a good mum. Age shouldn’t matter.


  2. Great post. And reflection on the girls. I think it’s easy to make assumptions but you ultimately shouldn’t, as stated before age shouldn’t matter. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week.


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