Baby Faced Mums: Week five

Here we are! Week five of baby faced mums and I am enjoying it so much and will miss it once it has finished. 

Once again, the past week has seen views across social media become more positive and young mums everywhere are sharing their stories and talking to each other. 

It’s great. Getting people talking is what shows like this are about! 

Back to the show though. This week we met a lovely young lady called Cherelie. As well as being mum to year old Fraser, she is also 5 months pregnant with her and boyfriend Aaron’s second baby. 

She is a sweet girl. Living at home with her terminally ill dad, she is the mother figure to a lot of people in her life. When her parents divorced, she stepped as a the mother role for her younger sister as well as having a nurturing side towards her siblings own children. 

I found her great to watch. She showed how tough it can be to be a young mum. Making ends meet are tough yet she still provides for her son. The standout moment with her though for me was when her boyfriend didn’t want to change the nappy. The show said he was “still getting to grips with it”. You’d think after a year the man would have nailed it…keep going. You’ll have more dirty nappies when baby #2 arrives. 

We also met Forrest who is mum to daughter Maisie. She talked about how Maisie and boyfriend Elliot had kept her away from her previous wild girl lifestyle. She talked about how she was hospitalised on one occasion, and that having Maisie kept her away from returning to that point. 

We saw Forrest spend quality time with Maisie and I loved it! Maisie is similar to my Lily. She knows exactly what she wants and how to do it. It’s fun to watch. She had her pretty dressing table and it was real girl time. 


Episode 5 is now available on demand!

We also heard about the sacrifices the pair had made to be good parents. Maisie’s dad had always wanted to be a PE teacher, but is training to be a qualified electrician so that he can financially support his family, while Forrest is planing on heading back to education to train as a teaching assistant. She decided now was a great time to go as her daughter is settled at pre school and she has money coming in from her job. 

Forrest said something though that I truly believe, and that is “you can get a good mum at any age” and she’s right. 

Finally, we met Samantha from Fife. I loved that she asked her mum all those gritty questions we all Want to ask but won’t like “how long befor you can have sex again?” and questions about the birth. You say there cringing a bit, but knew you had thought and asked yourself the same questions. 

She was so well prepared for motherhood. We see her in the two weeks leading up to her son’s birth and it’s another week where I’ve said “I wish I had thought about that”. Her and her boyfriend really were just ready to be parents. 

But they definitely won the cute factor this week. After their sons birth, he is presented to Samantha wearing an outfit saying:

“Mummy, will you marry my daddy?”

OMG the tears flew from my eyes! It was the sweetest thing and it just made their tiny, new family complete. It’s a moment I’m so glad they’ll have on film because it was truly perfect.

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