Review: The Gro Light

When I heard from The Gro Company that I would be reviewing their award winning Gro Light, I was beyond excited. I had been considering the Gro Light over the past few months as checking on Lily at night is a bit of an assault course. 

We had a major problem of not being able to see a thing with the light off, but as soon as you turned it on, she would wake up. Not very good and to be honest, a bit of pain. A friend of mine and recommended that I check out the Gro Light after it had received a gold award from Mother & Baby for best nursery product. It fits to the light fitting (available in bayonet and screw styles) and emits a soft, gental light. Enough to see, yet gentle enough not to disturb. It sounded perfect!

The award winning Gro Light!

When the package arrived at my door,  I got it straight out of the box to get a good sense of how it worked. Even the box was exciting. It has a picture of the product working in both modes as well as three words which just described it perfectly:

Reassuring, simple, practical.

The first thing I noticed was a small dial on the side of the light. On further exploration, I found that it was a dimmer. Once installed, it allows you to personalise the brightness of the light to suit your child’s room and your needs. I set mine in what appeared to be the middle level. My daughters room is pitch black at night as there are no street lights near her room and the Gro Light created enough light for me to see where I was going.

The packaging shows you just how the light works to support your child within the nursery.

Installing the light was really simple. I’m not very practical when it comes to light fittings and so on, but this was straight forward and easy to follow.

Step one: Take the lightbulb out and lampshade off your current fitting.

Step two: Attach the Gro Light just like you would with a lightbulb.

Step three: reattach the lightbulb and lampshade as you normally would.


It really is that simple and easy. The Gro Company have a really great video on their website which has a practical demonstration on how to fit the Gro Light which I found really useful, perfect if you have difficulty reading, making it simple for everyone.

I would highly recommend the Gro Light to anyone. The gentle light has been quite soothing for Lily. She had been going through a rough patch with her sleep and since installing the Gro Light, it appears to have offered her a lot of comfort. She seems more settled and content with it. I think this is because it isn’t a huge, bright shock after lying in the dark and because it makes the butterflies on her lampshade glow and look magical! 

It also makes your child feel safe. They can see where they are and see what is around them. In the dark, they can’t see a thing and that can make them anxious and worried. This light is the perfect fit for parents and children, making it essential for any nursery!

For more information about the Gro Light, you can visit the Gro Company website here!

Lily’s Gro Light in action!

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