World Mental Health Day

So the first week back at university is over and I had forgotten how much organisation means to my life! 

Over the summer break, I have relaxed a little on my timetable. Having the extra hours with Lily was amazing and I kind of let it lead into a “live in the moment” type of routine. Now that I have my university timetable back, Matt is busy at work again, it is all go go go here. 

Today is World Mental Health Day, and seeing as Lily and Matt are both away for the evening, I thought i’d take a minuet to look back at my issues with mental health.

Over the past two years I have suffered from postnatal depression and anxiety. They’re are both invisible to most people. When you look tired and down, most people assume it’s the normal from having a young, energetic child, but sometimes, it can be because you feel like you can’t cope with the world anymore. 

For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you will know that there were a couple of bad incidents in my life over the summer and they have lead to me developing some anxiety. I literally feel like every time I take a step forward, something pushes me back. 

I have written about my depression before on this blog and I feel the more we write about mental health, the more visible it will become to world, leading us to get better access to help.


Each day, my depression and anxiety gets better. It may be small steps or large ones, but it is getting better. There is no magic pill to make it go away over night, you just have to keep trying even when the things that knock you back want you to fall again. 

This World Mental Health Day, take a moment to think about how we as a world wide community can help to make mental health issues less of a taboo and help to beat it!

For more information on my story, take a look at my postnatal depression blog post.



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