The teal pumpkin project

I’ve never been a big Halloween enthusiast. It’s just not my thing, but since Lily was born, I feel I should make the effort as she may really enjoy it.

This year, while searching through some activities for her to do, I came across something called “The Teal Pumpkin Project” which has been running over in the United states.

It’s something which, over a couple of days, kept popping up in my news feed. It turns out that it’s a great idea, The project was started last year by the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) with the aim of rising awareness of food allergies. It also wanted to make the tradition of trick-or-treating more inclusive to those with food allergies.

As parents, we all know how some food allergies can be fatal and for some children, this includes some ingredients found in sweets. The idea of the teal pumpkins is that you place one outside your home to indicate to parents that have treats other than food to give away.

Copyright Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)
Copyright Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)

It’s great! Normally, a child with food allergies would take their sweets home and have to filter them out because they can’t eat them. With this project, they can go around the local neighbourhood and collect items which they can use and have fun with. This can anything like yo-yo, Halloween themed toys, spider pens and so on. Just small littles things similar to what you would find in a christmas stocking.

I also really like that it gives children and alternative for sweets. Although the majority will jump at the chance to collect some sweets, I know some who aren’t big fans. They go trick-or-treating so that they can dress up as their favourite characters. Now, they have an option other than sweets and can join in the fun with their friends.

How can you make your own?

Well all you need is a pumpkin and some teal paint (a whole tin is a lot of money so some tester pots, even one may be sufficient). Simple

Firstly, cut the top of the pumpkin and scrape out the insides just as you normally would do with a pumpkin. Once this is done, layout some old newspaper or bin bags, place the pumpkin on top and start painting. Build up the layers of paint until you are happy with the colour. The more layers the better as the colour will be more vibrant and noticeable.

pumpkin on white background with piece cut
pumpkin on white background with piece cut

Once it’s dry, you can add the phrase “teal pumpkin project” on to it with a marker pen or another message showing that you have a supply of non-food treats. You could also draw out your carving design so that you can follow it like a guide.

To make it look even more colourful, you could add blue or white LED lights so that it looks magical and mystical outside.

One thought on “The teal pumpkin project

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