Lily has hit the two-year old phase of being little miss “i’m going to push mummy over the edge today”. Some days, she has succeeded and I have felt like I am losing the plot and will to live! It has also meant that nothing gets done around the house of with my university coursework.

Lily has always been quite mature (as a two-year old could be) when it comes to listening and understanding, so I thought may be buying a reward chart would help.

In the end, I bought two. One is a point scoring system which works through out the day, while the other is specifically for the bedtime routine. I picked them up in the 99p store in Sittingbourne while visiting my parents and I really like them. They’re also made from a whiteboard type surface so you can use a simple board marker along with it. This way, you can save on costs of stickers I you wish to.

I have also found that because you can wipe them easily, you can quickly wipe them, roll them up and take them away with you on holidays or weekend trips. You can even taken them with you so that you can carry on with the system, giving it a reliable consistency.

The point scoring one is my favourite. It has a pre printed list of task, all of which a quite generic for children aged between 2 years and I would say around 7 years. I think it really depends on the child’s own development. The list includes tasks such as using good table manners, doing as I am told, saying please and thank you and so on.

Lily’s reward chart featuring daily tasks ad points.

It then has a list of the days of the week and you child can earn a maximum of 10 points per tasks per day. Then, when your child has earned 50 points for a specific task, they have earnt the reward that you have filled in at the end.

The rewards list can be as you like it. Ours include extra water play in the bath, picking a special dinner, extra time before bed. Just little things that Lily finds really exciting. There are a couple of big things there like a trip to the local play centre, but I have list them on areas she is struggling with. That way when she does earn it and it will mean a bit more, hopefully encouraging her to continue.

The list of rewards that Lily can earn for completing tasks.

We have also had a bit of trouble with her bedtime routine. We had a really good routine where her dad would do bath time and story time as it’s usually the only time they are both at home together, but at the moment, he is working away of long hours and she seems to be struggling at bedtime.

This chart is really basic compared to the first one. It has some common bedtime features, the days of the week and box to either put a tick or a cross in. The tasks are also really easy so don’t get her riled up when she needs to sleep. They include, brushing teeth, reading a story and turning the lights off.

The first week, this one was getting somewhere, but now with family staying, she has stopped a bit. I am really hoping that we get back on track with it soon. It’s nice to see though that Lily takes an interest in it.

When she competed a task on the bedtime chart, I let her add the tick herself.  It’s a nice way to end the day and I think by doing this herself, she will start to understand it all a bit more easily.

The more simple bed time chart with six easy tasks.

If you don’t have a 99p store or similar, I have found that ebay, amazon and other online shops have a great selection. If you have older children, you could also try searching for home school suppliers. They usually have a great selection of tools available for you to order and it can become an extension of their school work.

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