Christmas Planning

It’s November and BANG! Christmas is now in full swing everywhere. All over Facebook and Twitter are people sharing their Christmas shopping bargains and plans and I’m sat here like “I have no idea what to get anyone!”.

Before becoming a parent, I point-blank refused to acknowledge Christmas before December 1st. Christmas is a December holiday and we have Bonfire night before anyway, but now, I have come to realise that christmas as a mum is a carefully planned operation, equal to military precision.

I’ve collected a few tips of how you can make the whole Christmas season a little bit more easier*.

*Some stress may still be felt over Christmas


I love lists, I write hundreds of them. It’s such a typical ‘mum thing’, but they are great a christmas. Write down all the names of who you need to get gifts for, then next to each name, write how much of your budget you have allocated. As you shop, keep an eye on what you have bought for who, how much and also, if you have missed anyone out! I started doing this after realising one Christmas eve that I had completely forgotten about someone and had one of the most hectic afternoons ever trying to find a great, last minuet gift.

To-Do lists can be a great way to keep track of everything!


Each year, we hear about people who have fallen into huge amounts of debt over Christmas. We all want to make our children happy, and sometimes those must have toys need their own mortgage to be purchased, but Christmas is about much more than presents. Set yourself a reasonable budget. I usually set an amount for my daughter, everyone else and then an amount for the little things like stocking gifts and Santa’s grotto. Stick to your budget, once you start adding a little extra here and there, it can start to spiral out of control.

Budget, budget, budget!
Budget, budget, budget!


Lily is only two years old, but even last year, I found wrapping presents a bit of a pain while your child is looking around the room seeing whats there. It ruins the surprise and magic of Christmas. I found that putting on a Christmas film helped keep her occupied while I wrapped and hid all the gifts.

Movies can be a great way to occupy the children!
Movies can be a great way to occupy the children!

Online shopping

Although walking down the high street is a big element of Christmas, online shopping can be a great saviour. If you have a young baby, sometimes going through the huge crowds with a pram is a hefty task, so why not get it all delivered to your door. Online shopping though does have one down point. Make sure you check what day the last Christmas order submissions are, they way, you’ll be sure to get your order in time for Christmas.


If you have a smartphone, you can always have look on apps such as Pinterest which have some great, DIY projects for Christmas.  Why not head over to Pinterest and take a look at our Christmas board!

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