Down the rabbit hole

I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland lately.

Everything feels a bit like a daydream that I can’t escape. I have my university lectures throwing assignments at me left, right and centre. A bank balance which is terrified that Christmas will eat it and a child who’s potty training isn’t friends with my carpet!

What are you suppose to do? I only have 24 hours in the day and right now, everyone wants all 24 of them to themselves.  How am I meant to be in all these different places all at once.

Some people have asked me why don’t I just quit?

It’s a question which really annoys me. For me, going to university is a big achievement in its self. I was never the smartest at school ( being told I would be lucky to get C grades at GCSE) and thought I would never manage it. Going to university to me, is also a way of me setting a positive example for my daughter. I like to show her that by having the determination t do something, you can do it.

Hope fully, at the end of it, I also manage to get a good job and be able to provide more for her. As a parent, I always feel like I could give her more. More days out, more holidays (just a holiday really) and a better education. I have always wanted Lily to go to private school or have extra tutoring at home. After struggling at school, I want to give her the best I can.

As for finding spare hours in the day, I only think a TARDIS would be able to help me with that! I love university and I know the responsibility is on me to get my work done, but when you lectures and tutors only offer problems rather than solutions, you start to lose your enthusiasm.

I’m just sort of hoping now that the Christmas season will help me lighten up a bit and relax!

4 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole

  1. Don’t quit lovely, you can totally do this! Ask if you’re able to get some extensions on your work if necessary, and if your uni has an academic support/study skills team, they should be able to suggest some time management tips to help you break the work into little chunks that are more doable.

    We’re looking ahead to potty training now and some friends have said if it just isn’t going well, just take a break for a month or two rather than going crazy over it. Could that help? Give you a little breathing space and take one worry away for a while?

    You’re doing amazingly and it’ll all be worth it, it is tough but you’ll be so glad you did it xx


    1. Some of my lecturers are lovely. I have one who was in the exact same position when she was studying. There are just always a handful of people who’s response will be to quit. We are also in the height of “sick season” at nursery. New bug every week. I’m sure I’ll get sorted. Xx


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