Potty Training: Part Three, Nearly There

We first tried potty training Lily back in April, but it turned out that it was way to early and she juts wasn’t ready for it. Not emotionally or mentally.

Now that she is a bit older, we have spent the last two and half weeks with no nappies and what a difference! The first two days she had no accidents and loved it. When she is at nursery, she started off with a few accents, but is now really confident with using the potty there too.

So what changed?

I think what changed was that SHE wanted to use the potty. She had been going into the bathroom or near the potty whenever she was going to toilet in her nappy. She had clearly made that connection. My mummy guru friend (she knows everything about raising a child!) had also noticed that Lily was ready and told me to just take the nappy away and never put it back on.

So I did, and I haven’t put it back on since. It’s odd as I have been researching countless theories and approaches behind potty training and in the end, it came down to Lily just wanting to do it and just being ready. It sounds like a huge parenting cliché, but that’s just what happened!

So here are my top tips for potty training.


Get a potty early

We’ve had the potty in the house now since around March. Lily has grown used to it being there and over time, has become more comfortable around it. We also let her use it as a regular seat for a while, just so she could get used to sitting on it for long periods if needed.

They don’t have to be expensive either. We bought ours in the local pound shop.

Pull-Ups are great for in bed!

Although Lily is capable now of using the toilet like a “normal” human being during the day, at night, she still needs some help. We’ve found that by putting her in Pull-Ups,it doesn’t really matter if she has an accident, but where they absorb less liquid than nappies, she is registering that she needs to get up and use the toilet. They are currently on offer in Tesco so go and have a look.

We have had one successful wee on the potty during the night, so fingers crossed, more will follow!


Don’t get angry

When your child does have an accident, just act like it is no big deal. Explain that it was wrong, but you can always try again next time. By shouting, I was afraid that it would knock Lily’s confidence with using the potty.

Be confident yourself

If you’re confident that its the right time to potty train your child go for it! Our children learn from us and look to us to know what to do. If we are confident and calm about potty train, then so will they. Also, remember that there is no problem with stopping if it turns out your child isn’t ready. We did it with Lily and I am sure thousands of other parents have done the same!

Potty training is the aspect of parenting which everyone is in some way afraid of. It’s the part we hear all the stories about. We have to do it, so why not just enjoy it and make it fun for your child.


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