Santa’s Grotto London

As mentioned in previous posts, this year, Lily has really started to understand and get involved in Christmas. We thought this would be the perfect time to take her to see Santa and really let her experience the spirit of Christmas.  

As a regular guest blogger for Eddie Catz, I had heard about their Santa’s grotto experience, available at their Wimbledon facility and thought it was a great way to let Lily meet Santa.

The experience was great! For £15, your visit included:

  • Writing a letter to Santa with help from his elves
  • Making  bag of reindeer food ready for Christmas eve
  • A personal visit with the man himself
  • A soft toy and mounted 8×6 photo
  • 2 hour plays session in the centre

This was excellent for the price! We were really impressed with what was on offer and what came as part of the experience with no extra costs hidden away.


As you entered the experience, you were greeted by two of Santa’s elves. They showed you over to the work bench and helped you fill out your later to Santa. They really helped get Lily engrossed in the experience. They were also really good with her. At 2 years old, reading and writing are not really strong skills for her, ye they still made the experience personal and suited to her, even helping with her drawings.

We then move on to making the reindeer food. Your child gets to scoop it into the bowl and then add the magic. You add gold glitter to help make the reindeer fly high in the sky, and then the silver glitter to help them travel quickly so that they can get to everyone’s house in one night. They then put in a bag for you to take home and when Christmas eve comes, you sprinkle it outside so that Santa will see the glitter and know where to land to deliver your presents.

You’re then shown through another door where Santa is sat in a huge armchair with a seat next to him already for you. Again, I was really impressed with how they involved Lily. Santa spent quite a lot of time talking to her and showing her the different toys in the box on display. She was very impressed that he had a Cyberman doll exactly like hers.


Santa then offered her the seat next to him and they began to talk about what she wanted for Christmas (they went through the letter she had written in the first section) and if she had been a good girl. After her recent development review, I said that she had been amazing and perfect! While this was going on, the photo was taken which we received at the end. As the session ended, Santa gave her a lovely, soft toy and her letter back, asking her to leave it under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve so that he could be reminded of what she had asked for.

We then headed back into the main centre to play. It was great to spend that time together before heading home. It’s also nice to make Lily sleepy before getting in the car to head home. It really was a great experience.

What I have loved the most os the photo (photographed by Memory Gate Photography). It is a beautiful reminder of Lily’s first visit to Santa and is now safe inside her memory box ready for when she is older.

Lily’s goody bag, photo, reindeer food and letter!

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