New Years Eve is here!

New Years Eve is finally here and 2015 is coming to an end and what a year it has been.

Looking back over our blog posts for the year, I realised that a lot has happened. Lily has developed even more of her personality with her great sense of humour and quick one liners and has also grown so much.

This time last year, I was amazed at how she had started walking and was starting to really get the hang of it. Now, she walks, runs and jumps all over the house! It’s astonishing how much your child can change in a years.

I am also proud of how far I have come at along at university. This last term has been quite hard but I am so excited to get back to the lecture hall on Tuesday, though check back with me on Tuesday evening to see if that still stands!

Also, credit has to go out to my amazing man Matt. Not only has he been incredible at work, but as a father and (almost) husband too. The Young Mummy Survival Guide wouldn’t be here without his encouragement

Finally, to all of you! Yes you out there who read my posts, comment, follow, all of it! Talking to you all is a real joy and I hope we all continue through to 2016!

Happy New Year!

Alex, Matt and Lily x

from the young mummy survival guide-2

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