New toys!

It’s a new year and in our household, we have what feels like a whole new toy shop! Lily was a very lucky girl this Christmas and there are some things which even I have played with!

The first is the Dyson toy vacuum cleaner. Not only does it look like the Dyson ball, but is has working suction. Yes you read that correctly. WORKING suction. After years of parents saying ‘why can’t the toy vacuum work like a real one?’ we now have one.

Okay, it only has a small suction but it does pick up the tiny things off the floor. It took Lily and hour to fill it up. She now loves helping with the cleaning and it’s now done very quickly!


It does also have the ‘traditional’ toy function of the coloured beads flying around to make it look like it is doing something. This feature is great for children who may have a fear of vacuum cleaners and need some help to tackle that.

Overall, the Dyson toy Vacuum gets thumbs up from us!

Next is the LeapFrog Learning Friends School. Lily received this gift after talking a lot about going to school (yes she is only two). She has really got the bug to go to school and now she has her very own school at home. With different sounds, songs and stories told with each animal, she can customise what she does and what happens.

It comes with a slide, playground and table for lunch time as well as the three characters. It also has a slide along giraffe that acts as the teacher. This allows your child to travel through a typical school day. The day is split into ‘Greetings’, ‘Story ┬áTime’, ‘Break Time’ and ‘Free Play’. All of the characters will do different things on each setting giving your child lots of different options to play with. Not only has it encouraged her further to want to go to school, but has also taught her the first part of the alphabet (A-H), so I am really happy with this.


Finally, we have ELC Magnetic Play Centre. We featured this in our Christmas shopping post and mentioned how excited I was about it, It hasn’t let us down one bit! Lily has loved it. We’re currently using the magnets to learn how to spell our names. She can now recognise her own name and is so close to getting the letters in the right order!

It has also been a brilliant toy to take with us on our travels. Everything that comes with it fits in to the carry case easily meaning that we can take a range of activities with us to people houses with very little effort. I will admit, there have been a couple of days where I have played with while Lily has been out.


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