The Happiness Planner: Week One

Last week was my first with The Happiness Planner and so far, I am really loving it. Filling in the pages is a daily task which forces me to have some ‘me time’ and as a parent, we all know that is a hard thing to achieve.

To start the week (and every week with the happiness planner) you set yourself goals for the week. These include financial, professional and personal goals. Going through this has been tough the first time, mainly as I didn’t want to go too overboard and set myself goals which were impossible to reach.

This week, I waned to finish sorting out the bedroom (I have been putting this off for a while), complete some of my class prep work and look at my module options for third year. All of these are now done! Even the modules, something which is quite scary to think about. As for financial goals, I set a budget of £40 for the week (yeah, this didn’t go very well).

Week One 

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too” – Paulo Coelho

One of my favourite parts of the day now is reading the inspirational quote. There is a new one everyday and they come from people descended from so many different walks of life. This week, there were quotes from Marcus Aurelius, Stephen R. Covey and even Leonardo DiCaprio. The first quote from Paulo Coelho stayed in my mind all day. Something about it struck a chord in me and I felt it was something I could believe in.

As the week has continued, I have struggled to fill in the exercise box (not really much of a surprise really for me). After a day at university, sorting baths, dinner and washing, heading for some routinely exercise isn’t really top of my list. I have been walking a lot more to try and compensate, i’m sure that may count.

All the boxes help you focus positively on some aspect of your life. The last few boxes are very much about looking at what has been positive for that day, whereas you predict what you think will happen for the day at the top. At the moment, this has been useful to help focus on my coursework. If you read my previous blogs, you’ll find out that I sometimes struggle with thew work load. Having a positive guide for it, I can see where I need to improve and focus.

My Happiness Planner has been everywhere with me this week.

At the end of the week, there is a small ‘weekly reflection’ to do. I found this really useful. Towards the end of the week, I found that this allowed me to sit down, relax and just breathe! The daily pages give you a moment to yourself each day which is great, but this time of reflection once a weeks needed. It’s needed to allow me to just be Alex for a few minuets, instead of mummy. I love being Lily’s mummy, but sometimes Alex needs a bit of room to breathe.

Week Two: Goals

Time management – Be on time for meetings and complete tasks to deadlines

Work Goals – Successful coursework and a positive start to my internship (Fingers crossed here!)

You can also set yourself some personal goals too.


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