Weekend fun!

I’ve seen many weekend activity boxes available for subscription all over the internet. In the end, the Weekend Box Club won me over. With four characters to join in the fun with, this box offers you a range of activities to suit a wide range of ages.

In our box, we received activities from Sammy (creative tasks) and Hattie (gardening tasks), both of which involved all the family.


Green fingers! 

For christmas, my mother in law bought us a small, windowsill greenhouse set. I have been trying to find something to grow in it for a while and this activity is perfect. The box came with everything that we needed; seeds, string and soil pellets, all we needed was an old squash bottle (we have hundreds lying around). This is where you need adult supervision as it involves cutting, but as a family, we followed Hattie’s instructions to create a plant pot with a water reservoir to help grow our new plants with very little upkeep.

This was fairly messy and it did bring my OCD out a little, but it was fun. You would definitely need an adults help if your child was under 8 years old I think, as some of it was a bit fiddly to do, but it was a great way to bring us all together. It’s also proved to be a great way to teach Lily about how things grow and how they need to be cared for. It had four seeds and by planting them all of

It has now started to sprout above the soil and the excitement on her face was amazing, more than worth it!


Feather fun!

Our second activity was from Sammy and it was to create a bird mask. Lily’s attention span meant that the mask didn’t end up as a bird. Even though we didn’t quite complete it properly, we had a great time doing it. There was glue, feathers and colouring everywhere and it was amazing! Again it was great to have an activity that come with everything that you needed. In the past, I have bought activities for Lily which have said “everything inside the box”, yet it turns out you needs to have over half the stuff yourself.

Not only does this save the tantrum time of trying to find stuff while your child has no patience, it means that if it’s a rainy day, it’s easy to occupy your child inside with no fuss.




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