The Happiness Planner: Week Two

Week Two of this journey is already over! It is going by very quickly. This week, I have been trying to add more to the exercise section. It’s not a full workout but some is better than none, well I tell myself that. It’s also still very much a work in progress! 


Week Two

The start of the week brought on my migraine (joy of joys) and having the planner helped me get through that. I had a load of work to do during the first couple of days and not only did it help to organise everything, the little quotes and focusing element got me through it.

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught” – Oscar Wilde 

This week, I started my internship and found that the planner really helped to make it a positive experience. Where the pages focus on just writing the positive aspects of everything you’re doing, you forget about what could possibly go wrong.

I have also discovered different ways of following The Happiness Planner of various social media pages. On the Facebook page this week, there was a link to free printable add ons to aid you in your journey with the planner (Click here to discover). The first and second are three column charts to reflect back on 2015, highlighting what happened in your life and what you have learnt from it, both positive and negative.

Discovering the printable add ons has been an exciting element to include for week three.

The third is one I am very keen to do complete over the next week. It is a pie chart to reflect how much time your are spending on certain areas of your life. I spend far too much time consumed with university work and housework and this may lead to me sorting that balance out. The second part of this is the scary one though. It asks you to do the same thing,but for where you think you’ll be in 40 years time. I love long term goals, but even now my mind is running wild with what could be going on in 40 years time, i’ll probably have grandchildren!

As well as these, there are other sheets to help you plan ahead for 2016 (I LOVE vision boards, I’m a real Pinterest addict) and also a small section on where you think you’ll be in one, three and five years from now.

So, the printable are on my set of goals for next week and seem like a great addition to the journey. I’m really hoping that more are going to be added through out the year to keep the momentum going and to keep on track.

Off to week three now!

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