The Happiness Planner: 2015 Review & 2016 Goals

This week, my goal was to complete the 2015 review sheets from last week. These are part of the printable add ons you can get and it’s a hard thing to do. Reflecting is always hard. As humans, we never like to admit we’re wrong, but by looking at these events, we can learn from them and move forward.

2015 Reflection

The reflection chart is great. It shows you the highs and lows of past year, but also directs you to seeing how you’ve learnt from them. When I was at my lowest point of PND, this is what I struggled with. I used to focus too much on what had gone wrong instead of how I can move on and learn from it. One area of my life I have reflected on is my cooking.


Last year, my clumsy cooking turned to disaster after setting a pan on fire. Yes this was terrifying and I was scared to cook for a while after, but it lead to me researching new recipes I could follow, instead of just trying to throw it all in. I built myself a good ora of confidence in the kitchen. This has now spread to Lily. She is now obsessed with helping in the kitchen. I love that not only have I learnt to cook more through this experience, Lily has too. We now make great Chinese selection as a family!

Whenever you reflect on a low, look back on a high. In 2015, I finished my first year at university. Going to university when Lily had just turned one (term started literally the next day!) was a tough thing to do, but finishing the year made everything worth it. I learnt that if you want to do something, then you can do it and the more you want it, the tougher it will be. It is always worth it in the end.

“Whenever you reflect on a low, look back on a high”

2016 Goals

Learning from the experiences of the past year is great, but The Happiness Planner add ons allow you to take them forward with you into 2016. I selected two of the 2016 sheets available; 2016 vision board and ‘In 2016 I Will…’. The vision board focuses on what qualities, values and skills you want to improve, enhance or master. Some of mine are to be a bit more open with people and to improve my patience. Right now, it’s really short and needs to be a bit longer. I also added how I want to improve these areas so that I can teach them and set a better example for Lily. Don’t get me wrong, I think i’m a great mum and I love Lily more than anything, but there are things I can definitely improve on.

Next week’s challenge 

As for ‘In 2016 I Will…’, you set yourself three goals. You also ask yourself how you will achieve these goals. One of mine is to pass the second year of university. First year was a challenge. Getting into a new routine, a new balance between home life and study, but second year, double it! Surely if I can get through first year I can get through this year.

Next week, I want to reflect a bit more on how I balance my time. The Happiness Planner has a great pie chart style tool to help show you where you spend your time….


You can find more printable add ons for your Happiness Planner here!


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