The Happiness Planner: Time

After last weeks review of 2015 and a start on the forward planning for 2016, this week is all about evaluating how I spend my time on various areas of my life. The tasks also includes thinking about how you would like to be spreading your time in 40 years time (scary).

I have been convicted for a while that they way I split my time up for university, family, myself is a bit out of balance. I think it’s something you can just sense that something is off.

The chart for how I spend my time right now was not surprising. Between university, personal growth (internship #amazingthough!, opportunities) and personal health, I have started to neglect those important to me such as my family and friends. In particular, my family. It also highlighted to me how much time I spend worrying about money.


As parents, financial stability is at the top of our wish lists. It would allow us to enjoy those precious moments with our children. Lately it has been a worry. It is always in March/ April that Lily seems to grown out of all shoes and trousers. It was the same last year, the year before and I have just ordered new shoes again. I always worry when spending money.

I also found that ‘giving back’ is something lacking in my life. I’m grateful for a lot of opportunities that I have received over the years and would like to do more to give back, but i’m not sure how really? I guess that is one of the next things I need to think about!

In 40 years time…

Now, the idea of this is that you then try and predict what your time management will be like in 40 years time. I will be at a complete different end of life. I’ll probably be retired and claiming some form of pension (hopefully) and it opens up a new way of dividing time. I have put emphasis on family, giving back and love. I put love in the hope that in the future, once we’ve stopped working and having children, Matt and I will then have more time for just us.

So far in my journey with The Happiness Planner, this has been the hardest thing to do. I thought that I spent a lot of time with family, it turns out I don’t and there is a large cloud of guilt over my head now with that. I’m hoping that by realising, I still have time to change it! I’ve also realised that spending time with those special friends is a must have too.

40 years time…

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