Rainy days, cupcakes and indoor camping!

This weekend is a complete washout! Living in a village means everything is cold, muddy and wet and I am not a huge fan! As tomorrow is Mother’s Day (yes there is still time to run to the shop, go now!), Lily and I took advent of the rain and started baking.

Everyone in family loves cake, it’s a genetic weakness. For Mother’s day, my mum wanted afternoon tea with cake and small sandwiches. My bank balance is quite that of the Beckham’s, so my youngest sister and I have decided to make a home made afternoon tea.

Using our fabulous Mary Berry cook book, Lily and I made some great vanilla cupcakes. They where huge! I mean huge. They spilled over the sides of the cases and blended into to a giant cupcake. No matter, we’ll just trim them down. Disaster two, some didn’t quite make it through the surgery. Disaster three (always in three’s), the icing. We get icing wrong every time. It’s either too thick, or too runny or it will taste really bad. We carried on anyway, we’ve had a great time making them, but thank god for sprinkles. The sprinkles have saved them. You’ll have to look for our Instagram photos tomorrow to see the final result.

Tent time!

Even after this adventure filled experience, the rain is still going. I am now debating though if it is light snow or not, the jury is still out on that one.  We took all the off cuts from the cakes, got into Lily’s pop-up tent (a lovely IKEA design) and watched endless rounds of Topsy and Tim.

Lily is obsessed with this show. I think there are certain phases children go through with television. The first, is the In The Night Garden stage where your child will just stare at the screen and fall asleep with them. Next up for us was the Peppa Pig stage, it’s over now and I DON’T want to go back. We’re now at the Topsy and Tim era. It’s a great show for children, I especially like the memory game at the end which has helped improve Lily’s memory.  While watching though, I am completely transfixed with the mum. How does she have her perfect hair, playdates, clean house, children running everywhere and so on and STILL be so calm and together?! I’m impressed if I leave the house with clothes that don’t have some sort of parenting related stain on them and without having to ask Lily the same thing more than once!

The rest of our rainy day is looking to be much of the same, at least the tent is really warm, and of course, BBC iPlayer has round 12 more episodes of Topsy and Tim left for us!


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