Winter = Illness

Winter for some means snow days, hot chocolate by the fire and some very nice fashion statements. For parents it means only one thing, lines season. Every week, Lily’s nursery are informing of a new bug making its way around the children and parents one by one.

I thought it would be great to share some ways in which you can be prepared for any illness that tries to invade your home.


This sounds odd and obvious, but once you get out of the newborn stage, you become less paranoid about visitors washing their hands when they arrive in your home. During the winter, this can be a great defence against illness invasion. I’m sure they won’t mind if you take time to explain. Children catch bugs quicker than us and visitors may already have something and not be aware of it. As well as getting visitors to clean up when they arrive, through out the day, wash your hands more often. This just helps to clear any germs that have attracted to you during the day.

A great accessesory for this is small hand sanitiser bottles. You see a lot of health visitors and midwives with these clipped to their uniforms. You can buy them in places like Boots and Superdrug.


I always keep a stock of Calpol and children’s Neuronfene handy. I’ve found in the past that these can help with short bugs (those that last three – four days). As well as medicine, keep a well stocked first aid box with items such as nasal spray and cooling packs. If your child has been sick for a while, always consult your doctor or the NHS online service for advice on what more you can do.


Keep up to date with your vaccinations. Always check your child’s red book to see if any are due and also make sure that you have all of yours up to date as well. If you have aper existing condition, check with your GP if you qualify/ need the flu jab every year. This can really help you.

My supply of vitamins, medicine and thermometer 

Helpful extras

You can also help by grabbing a few extra helpers. Milton and Dettol do a great range of cleaning products designed to kill bacteria in your home. When there is an illness in the house, using these can really help keep the germs down and get rid of them quicker than just waiting for them to disperse. You can find them in supermarkets and equally as good equivalents in Poundland, Home Bargains and Pound World.





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