I love spending time with my family. It’s a fun adventure which is lead by imagination and creativity, but every now and then, I need a bit of downtime. This allows me to just pause, think and relax.

Lately, I have been spending my free time watching the new BBC Three drama, Thirteen. IT IS AMAZING! BBC Three now lives on iPlayer and Thirteen is the first, major new show for BBC Three in this new setup.

It follows the story of Ivy Moxam who has escaped fro captivity after thirteen years. Now a 26 year old women, the plot follows Ivy as she rebuilds her life with her family and friends as well as her relationship with the police as the try to piece together what happened to her.

*SPOILER ALERT* If you haven’t watched, you have been warned!

The story is gripping because form the very start, it is obvious that every character has some sort of secret or guilt hanging over them. Ivy’s love interest from school, Tim, is discovered to be hiding the fact that he is now married form Ivy. It’s hard to watch as their relationship is sweet and at the start, he is the only one Ivy opens up to and seems to trust. I really enjoyed the moment he gave her an old iPod Nano with a playlist for every year she has missed, containing that years biggest music hits (including the shows theme tune In Your Dreams by Dark Dark Dark).

I won’t go into much of the story as it really is great to watch and get involved in, but I will mention the fantastic cast.

In the lead role of Ivy Moxam is Jodie Comer (My Made Fat Diary) and she is sensational. Her portrayal of Ivy is one of the leading factors of the show. She also adds a level of emotional turmoil and a desire to be loved to the character. I also love that Aneurin Barnard has been cast as Tim. I really enjoyed his performance as Richerd III in The White Queen (2013) as well as Eleanor Wyld (Honest) and Katherine Rose Morley (The Mill) as Ivy’s friend Eloise and Sister Emma. They’re all young, fresh actors adding a new generation of talent to the mix.

Next week is the last episode so i’ll try and keep any more spoilers under wraps until then!

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