Easter is here!

Easter is a fun time of year for families. Unlike Christmas, the weather normally allows for days out to egg hunts, animal parks and more. I for one love taking Lily to see all the baby arrivals at Wingham Wildlife Park.

It’s also a nice time to enjoy time off and relax. I have been studying hard, enjoying my internship and basically being in 1000 places all at the same time. I have managed to cram a little bit of downtime in though

Easter egg hunt No.2

Our Easter weekend though was spent with family. We had a great family lunch with my in laws and it was great to get everyone together. My sister-in-law lives quite far away, so getting to see everyone together is is wonderful. We had a lovely Easter egg hunt played out for Lily in which everyone helped, even the dog! We also had an Easter egg hunt with my family. I think my sisters were just as excited as Lily (their 17 & 20 years old) showing that children make us all get into the fun spirit. Is nice as it’s the first year she has really been able to get involved in the fun and games.

Only a short post really as I am sure you all have a pile of chocolate to get back to eating as well! After giving chocolate up for lent, I have a lot of time to make up!


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