The challenge of sensitive skin

Lily and I both suffer from extremely sensitives skin. The smallest little thing can irritate from body wash to the biggest challenge, washing powder.

Over the years I have tried nearly every single one on the supermarket shelves. There are ones that make my skin itch from the minuet they touch and some which will start to effect me over a few weeks. Lily is the same, but so far, I have struggled to find a product which both of us can tolerate.

I was curious to receive an email about a washing powder coming to the UK which is designed for sensitive skin. I thought ‘I am the perfect one to test this out!” If my skin can take it, anyones can!

Supported by the National Eczema Society and dermatologically tested, Simply washing powder is amazing!

I have been using the product now for a while and not only has all the itching stopped, my skin has started to heal. Even better? Lily’s skin has also started to heal. The relief is unreal.

The first one we tried was the Simply Sensitive which is a non-bio, soluble powder tab. The tabs come in a good size and are packaged in wrapping which is soluble and doesn’t clog up your machine. They also leave your clothes smelling really nice. I’m not fan of some of the overpowering smells you can get washing powder in these days, but Simply has enough fragrance to be appealing but not domineering.


We also tried the Simply Pure, which is a hypoallergenic option and also phosphate and perfume free, two things which can irritate the skin and cause eczema to flare up. This can also be hard to wash out and correct.

Down to the value for money bit. Both packs come with enough powder tabs for 18 washes and are now available in Sainsbury’s for £4.50. You can also bulk buy the products on the Simply website, starting at £23.50 for 100 tabs. For me, the cost is slightly high, but if i compare it to buying a cheap powder then all the cream to combat the side effects, it averages out!

I highly suggest that if you or your child suffer from sensitive, eczema prone skin, then this product will really help your skin recover & heal from damage as well as prevent it in the future. It’s also a brilliant solution for new parents who may be worried about chemicals irritating the skin of their newborn child. All round, it’s a great product and it has our family sold on it!

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