Make it Mister Maker!

This Easter holiday, we got to go on an extra special trip to see Mister Maker at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. It was a great opportunity for Lily to not only see one of her favourite television characters, but also to see her dad at work. He has been away for a while working on the tour. 

Waiting for Mister Maker to arrive.

It was such an amazing experience. All the children and adults were excited and everyone joined in. We even got to see Mister Maker and his helper create a live minute make. Lily loved seeing all the shapes though, they are her favourite part of Mister Maker and sang along to ‘I am a shape!’ so loudly, along with hundreds of other children.

There were also opportunities for the children to get up and dance which, if you’ve ever taken a child to the theatre before, was brilliant! It’s hard to get a two year old to sit through a show that long, but with everyone up and dancing, it helped ease that pressure to keep ‘control’ of your child, making it more enjoyable.


All the children got involved which a he maker task. We were given coloured paper at the start of the show, matching the colours of the shapes. Just before the interval, we were asked to scrunch them and pass them to the collection buckets. Once we returned, we could see all the buckets lined up on stage and four shadow boxes in the form of the shapes. The paper was used to colour the shapes in. It’s different and special and it got every single child involved and also all the adults. There were also opportunities for the parents and guardians to get up on stage, joining in, really being inclusive to all who attended.

The theatre also had a great pop-up Mister Maker shop. We bought Lily a Mister Maker bag with an activity set inside but you could also buy items such as key-rings and magazines.

Mister Maker and the shapes! 

What I loved about it the most though, was that we were allowed to take photos. These experiences with your children are great, yet the majority of venues normally ban photography. It was great to be encouraged to take pictures, these photos will be great to add to Lily’s scrap book. You can see more of our photos from Mister Maker live on our photos on the Instagram page.

Mister Maker is still on tour so if you have the opportunity to go, DO IT! You can find out more at

4 thoughts on “Make it Mister Maker!

  1. Great review! We saw the Mister Maker show last year at Butlins and he was fab, my little boy loved dancing to I am a Shape! x


  2. Isn’t the Theatre just so great for little ones, especially a musical with song and dance. So much better than a movie.
    A great review – Thank you for Sharing in our #ShowcaseTuesday Linky and welcome to our little blogging community 😍


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