And breathe…

2nd year is over!

I’ve tried my best, done what I can so I just have to wait for the results now (61 days but, hey, who’s counting). Fingers crossed I have passed the year. Last year I was really confident with my work and that it would all be okay, not this year!

What’s more exciting though is it means more time to go out and visit places with Lily. I’m so excited to get to spend so much time with her without having to worry about coursework and classes. I’m also excited to do more work on Lily’s greenhouse. We’ve now got the time together to really take care of it.

I’m also trying to sort a few day trips out. Now that Lily is dry during the day and is completely without a pushchair (compared to last summer), we can go and visit bigger places. I’m dying to take her to Hever Castle. My mum and dad took us quite a few times as children and as a history/ Anne Boleyn family, I love it! It was her childhood home and I learnt something new about her everyday. I also want to make memories there for Lily. My mum has so many of us there on trips, I have some and I think it would be nice for Lily to have memories of the same place too. Plus I want to run around the water maze (I’m a big kid at heart).


Another summer goal of mine is to lose a bit of my body weight. I’ve never been happy with my body size and from about age 17 to when I fell pregnant, it consumed my mind. I’m hoping to lose weight with a bit of healthy eating (hopefully no more fires) some exercise and cutting down on my insane coffee intake. Combined with my new Happiness Planner, this is a summer of lifestyle changes as well as some well deserved mummy-daughter adventures.

It will also be a chance to get back to you guys! I’ve been so focused on parenting and exams over the past few months that I have barely blogged. Sorry guys. Well then, I think that is probably enough to keep me going for a few months, Summer here I come!


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