Bank Holiday madness

Why is it whenever Bank Holiday comes around and everything is closed does a problem occur? It happens without fail overtime, you’d think I’d be prepared for it by now but no. This time, Lily has caught conjunctivitis and I’m like a rabbit in the headlights. 

I remember my sisters and I catching this as children. There was always someone at school passing it around and it seems to never go away. I remember waking up once and not being able to open my eyes as they had pretty much fused together with gunk and I just cried.

Lily’s swollen and gunky eye on day 1

Lily’s eye was fine at 5pm when her dad left for the week and then by 5:45, it was swollen, oozing gunk and she looked like she’d lost a fight with a bee sting! How does it get that bad a frankly, that gross so quickly? There’s no warning signs. It’s fortunate that it is half term at least! She won’t be spreading it around her class, but I’m petrified of catching it. Life’s hectic enough without both us blinded by green goo.

Now, what do you do when parenting disasters and situations out of control strike? Yeah, you call your mummy! Well, if I caught this and lived, she must know what she’s doing?

The best thing to do is keep the eye clean. My mum told me to boil some water, let it cool and use that on Lily’s eye. I’ve kept cooled, boil water in a operate container so that it is safe and away from dust and dirt around the house. It’s similar to keeping boiled water for your baby bottles.

You also need to be really careful about what you use to clean the eye with. I have small pads which I normally use for my make up, but have used them for this. Overtime you wipe the eye, use a different pad. Start from the inside corner, wipe outwards, throw pad away and repeat. It seems like a bit of a pain, but it will help stop the spread of the infection and aid it to clear up quicker.

24 hours later:

The eye isn’t oozing as much gunk, but it’s still pretty swollen, so I’ve just continue with regularly cleaning BOTH the eyes. I’m hoping that way I can minimise the risk of it spreading to the other eye.

Lily’s eye after 24 hours

48 hours later: 

It’s all gone! Thank god for that. No more gunk or sticky patches, just a red and soreeye from all the cleaning pads.

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