Driving me mad!

I am so sick of taking my b****y driving test!

My lessons go so well. Couple of minor points but overall, smoothly, yet when it comes to the test, there aways seems to be something which messes it up and it is now starting to bug me.

I don’t really know what else I can do? When it comes to driving, I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland. No matter how much I think the situation through, some unpredictable nonsense gets in the way and sends me right back to the start. I think I’d have more luck in Wonderland!

I’m also sick of the comments I get from people. “You really should be driving by now” and “It’s not really fair on Lily that you can’t driver her to *insert amazing place here*”. It’s annoying, tears down my confidence and frankly, quite rude.

This has wound me up for ages now, but I finally put a silence to it all on Wednesday…yes I finally PASSED ME DRIVING TEST!!!

I have never been so glad to finish something in my life. It has opened up a world of fun for Lily and I. It means we can now go out and visit family and friends when her dad is away instead of being stuck at home with only myself for company. I’m also hoping that it will expand my internship opportunities. By being able to travel further, I have more vacancies to chose from to apply. Yet most of all, I’m just happy that I can now get to a supermarket when Matt is away to get that inevitable pint of milk I desperately need! It happens every time.

So I just wanted to share that with you all! Now we’ll move onto me moaning about insurance.

5 thoughts on “Driving me mad!

  1. Huge congratulations, mate. I have my theory test next month and the practical will hopefully be a while later. How did you fare with the theory? I’m worried about the Hazard Perception. Is it hard?


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