Greenhouse Update

I thought now would be a great time to give you all a little update about Lily’s greenhouse. It’s been an amazing addition to her activities. She gets really excited about seeing how much they have grown, especially if we’ve been away for a few days.

We’ve also had the opportunity to use some of her plants for our meals. the majority of Lily’s plants are herbs (basil and parsley) so grow quite quickly and we’ve been learning about picking them properly and using them in our meals. We used the last lot as some extras for our pasta bake and salad. I’m hoping that by being able to use her plants in another activity she enjoys (cooking), that we encourage her to carry on. I think being able to grow your own food supplies is a great skill. We won’t be running a fruit and veg stall down the market anytime soon, but it may encourage her to carry on and think about where things come from.

Our unidentified plant.

We’ve also kept our plant from the Weekend Box Club activity we did. Standing on the floor it now comes up just past Lily’s elbow. It also needs a larger pot, though we still have no idea what it actually is! If you can tell from the picture please let us know!

The security of our greenhouse has also been improved. After one very stormy night, we woke to find Lily’s greenhouse had been blown over. Some of the plants didn’t survive the trauma but we learnt a big lesson about stabilising the structure. We’ve now attached it to the railings we have outside in several places, hoping that this will prevent it sliding about and being blown over.

The plants that didn’t survive were buried amor other plants so that they will hopefully contribute something to the world. Then we spent the afternoon planting new seeds to replace them. The circle of life!

Just our photos so far now to show you. Fingers crossed we get some more plants soon to add to the growing collection!






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