Third Birthday Planning!

September is a few months away and I am so excited for Lily’s birthday.

I’m one of those people who like to plan way in advance and having everything ready on time and Lily’s birthday is always a big one for me. I like to start looking at possible gifts from around now so that I can 1) definitely get it and 2) hitting the summer sales!

As a September baby, Lily always receives some clothes for her birthday. It’s the start of winter, her stuff from the year before is getting small and it needs replacing. The summer sales are the best time to get these items. My favorite stores for Lily always have these items and I enjoy shopping for them so much. I’m sure the till in Debenhams perks up when I walk through the door! It also means that I get to take advantage of the Summer sales. Only today I managed to get some great shoes for Lily for £1 (reduced from £18, I love a sale) which will be perfect for winter in the freezing cold and rain (not holding out hope for snow).

So far, I have bought one item that I am so excited about. A copy of Alice in Wonderland and all the other stories that go with it in one of the 150-anniversary editions. The illustrations are beautiful with the cover featuring a handmade, folded paper design. Alice is one of my favorite book characters and I loved hearing about wonderland as a child. It’s just as weird as me and involves equal levels of nonsense!


Going with this sort of theme, I’m also looking for mad hatter type tea sets. We decided that a small table and chairs for Lily maybe nice, so I thought creating a Mad Hatter’s birthday tea scene for her presents when she wakes up would be great (this is why I have to start planning in June for something happening at the end of September! Too many ideas, not enough money and time). One thing that seems to be a problem is finding an Alice in Wonderland fancy dress outfit. All the ones for children have some sort of stitch or print pattern on them whereas we’ve been trying to find one that is plain like the one in the film. The only ones like that we found were modeled by some ‘glamorous’ women (couldn’t think of an appropriate way to put that!) and it seemed very wrong to buy them for my toddler!

I also had a look at some of the Frozen dress up outfits, but nothing relating to Frozen had a price tag displayed (Mothercare) making me think about whether or not I wanted to know how much they cost! It’s like a jewellery shop if the price isn’t displayed, you usually can’t afford it.

Clearly with months still to go, I need to do a lot more! I jus get extremely over excited about Lily’s birthday, I’m sort of hoping I’m not the only parent that goes this nuts about it!




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