Return of the tantrums!

We’ve had months now where Lily has been okay on the tantrum front. The odd one here and there, but generally good.

Now we’re back in full Summer mode with Matt away working for the majority of the time and just Lily and me at home, bedtime has become a mess. Matt will usually snuggle with her and read her a story and if she starts to play up, then he is the one that is really good at making her go to sleep.

I’ve tried doing everything he does with her but all she says is “I want my daddy” and “no not like that mummy”. It kind of hurts. We’re fine during the day, but as soon as we hit dinner time, Lily hulk moves in and my already think patience is tested. It doesn’t matter what I cook, we battle over her eating it, then she’s not tired and best of all, she then proceeds to climb over EVERYTHING in her room so that nothing else gets done. The other day I watched a safety video about how some children pull out the draws and use the as steps, causing the whole structure to tip and crush them. It scared the living daylight out of me to the point where every time I hear a crash from her room my heart sinks.

Due to all of this I have a pile of ironing which could rival Everest, a house which feels messy and hair fit to supply the local chippy with grease! It feels like nothing is getting done and by trying to catch up with all, I get more tantrums for not playing with her. I feel like I’m being set up to lose here no matter how hard I try.

Part of me is starting to wonder what it will be like in 10 years time (Lily will be 12, nearly 13 years old). She has a sharp wit and determination to her now, how the hell am I going to tackle that when it meets up with teenage hormones…aarrghh…help now! I’m pretty sure all of this is just karma for all the trouble and stress I put my mum and dad through as a teenager (and probably still now while I’m on the honesty train). I remember someone telling me that your child will give to you what you gave to your parents. Oh dear lord! Maybe I shouldn’t be moaning about these tantrums then…



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