Time to clear out!

I don’t know if it is a little girls thing or children in general, but Lily’s room is overflowing with clothes, in particular, dresses. They’re just everywhere and taking up so much room, but I love every single one. Lily is a girls girl with all her dresses and I like to make sure she looks smart when we go out.

I find it hard to clear out Lily’s clothes. It’s hard to firstly, admit you need to buy more clothes that fit and secondly, realising you have no room left to store them for future use. Once you have decided what can go, you’re stuck with the decision of what to do with it? A lot of people now sell bundles of children’s clothes on Facebook sites and eBay, but that can sometimes take a while to shift and living in a flat, I have no storage for it to wait. I usually either donate to the local charity shop or pass on to someone I know.


Even the toy box needs a regular clearing out 


I don’t know why some people just throw piles of outgrown children’s clothes away. As parents we spend a fortune or our children’s clothes as they grow so rapidly, I know that after spending that money, I’d much rather pass them on to get their full value out of them. I also love seeing my friends children in some of the outfits. Lots of my family gave me things that we have all worn for Lily and there is something quite magical and beautiful about them being passed on.

You also have the problem of how to store what you’ve kept. At the moment I have three large boxes of Lily’s old clothes stacked in her wardrobe. They’re mainly clothes that family members gave me and I feel that I should keep them for certain people so that when they have children, they can also use them. Then there is also the selection of incredibly cute outfits that I just couldn’t part with.

There are some items though that I have had made into a beautiful Christmas stocking for Lily. She’s had it for a couple of years now and it makes me smile when we get it out of the Christmas box, so I’m thinking of getting a large blanket/ duvet made from more of her old things. It’s a fabulous way of keeping the outfits you love without exhausting your storage capabilities. It does also require either a grasp of needlework skills or a deep pocket. Through research, I’ve found that some places really do charge an extortionate amount to make these items.

Either way, finding solutions to this problem is tough and I wish someone had warned me BEFORE I bought all of Debenhams children’s department!




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