Two down, one to go!

Next month I start my final year at university! Although I will miss it, I am so excited to reach this stage. When I first decided to apply (Lily was 4 months old) I didn’t think they would even accept and now, the university has opened so many doors for me, one of which being this very blog you are reading!

For my third year, I wanted to take on some new challenge, things that I wouldn’t normally do. The first was that I put my name forward to take up a committee spot at show choir (successfully!) and although this adds another responsibility to my life, it’s one that I’m excited about (and it’s a great excuse to sing around the house more!). I’ve also taken the option of taking an exam rather than writing a dissertation. I’m not keen on writing one big piece of work and in all honesty, I don’t think I can commit the time to it. An exam, on the other hand, is a challenge for me. I can study the subject for a long time and insert it into my free time. It’s also part of a subject which I am really keen to learn more about (marketing in relation to different cultures).


I’m also looking forward to meeting more parents. This past year, I have been taking my sister to open days at the university and I’ve been seeing a lot of young mums and dads enrolling and I love it! It’s nice to have people around you who can understand your life and struggles and to just have things in common with them.

This year also brings a big change for Lily. She’ll be going to nursery all day for one of her days, something I was keen to avoid. At the moment she attends three mornings a week and I love that I still get to have dinner and spend some time with her in the evening. By going all day, this is a whole day where the time I get to spend with her dramatically decreases and I’m not sure I’m prepared for that! It is another step towards preparing her for school and gives her extra time to socialise with her friends. It feels like a big milestone, then next big step will be starting school.

Getting to this point of my university journey has shown me that literally anything is possible. Seeing my sister so determined to do the same thing has shown me just how good university has been for me. It’s allowed me to really grow and has led me to enjoy learning, something which I hated about school.


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