Another year of parenting

That’s it! Today is Lily’s third birthday and another year of parenting adventures and challenges has ended. It’s been a great year. Lily has developed many more skills, her communication amazes me every day and her personality shines.

The time really does fly by. In two years time, Lily will be heading off to school and that’s quite scary. I have a year before I need to start applying for primary schools for her and that is something I have no clue where to start with. I’ve been trying to gauge people’s opinions of the local schools here and have read a few OFSTED reports for them, but schools change so quickly and infrequently, how do I know it will still be a good school when the time comes for Lily to go?

We’ve also started to work on the alphabet with Lily. She’s brilliant with counting and can count objects past 20 now (she gets a bit lost at 26) and feel it’s time to work on letters. She can recognise her name and that her name starts with an “L” but past that not much. We’ve been using the Cbeebies, Alphablocks game to help. It has a series of really short, simple words for your child to spell and works by helping them sound the word out.

I think this year, I’ve been surprised at how much mental development goes on with your child. In the first year, it’s all about their physical development, are they crawling yet, standing, throwing. Now you’re studying their language, problem-solving and emotional interaction with things and it’s a strange experience to see someone experience these emotions for the first time. I’m also proud to say that we have a fully potty-trained toddler ! So much money has been saved through not buying nappies and bed pants.

I’m not really sure what to expect from my new ‘Threenager’ yet, but I’m sure there is a reason they are called Threenagers…


Happy Birthday Lily! 



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