Drained, tired, exhausted…

…but really excited!

I’m really excited with where I am in my life both with parenting and personally. 

On a parenting front, I feel we’ve really come out of the baby/ toddler stage and now have a beautiful, polite and curious young lady! Lily really has grown so much in short space of time.

She is curious about the world around her. We have a million questions a day ranging from “Why do you need to do it that way?” to “How can I do this?” and I love it. I also love seeing how she views the world. We were walking around town the other day, just having a browse and Lily stopped at some flowers and just said “Mummy these flowers are so beautiful! Can we have some?” and I just stopped and smiled. If I had been out alone, I doubt I would have even known they were there, but she seems to be aware of every little detail the world has to offer and it’s beautiful.

I’m so proud of how wonderful and loving Lily is. She really does shine. 

Lily has also become so generous. She loves sharing and like to take part in things that involve lots of people. She is developing her love of music (something which both mine and her dad’s family have a lot of!) and was so excited to come to choir with me the other day. She jumped about, sang in the car there and talked about all the things she was going to do. She really does enjoy it! I think I forget that I have been apart of the choir now for three years and Lily has also been a part of it. She has grown up with this lovely group of people and I’m starting to see just how much she loves them! I’m slightly worried about graduating and taking that away from her.

Choir and music have become two large parts of Lily’s life and love! 

I’m excited to see how this beautiful soul grows over the next few years as she leaves nursery school and ventures off to primary school…

Looking at my personal life, I really am drained and exhausted. I spent the majority of my spare hours in the library working on assignments and my CV, applying for graduate schemes and positions for when I leave university in May (scary!). Getting a place on one of these schemes would be a great way to give our little family some security.

This week, some of that work paid off. I had an face-to-face interview in one place and heard that I got through to the next stage of another! Fingers crossed it will all go well and Christmas will work its happy magic over the situation. The main task now, finish these assignments so that we can all get on with Christmas and family time. This year we have so many days filled with visiting family and I find it really exciting and thankful that we get to share this time together.

I’m hoping once the Christmas break arrives I can get more writing done to show you all the exciting things we’re going to be getting up to!

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