Embracing the hygge!

Hygge is my new favourite word! It is something that I have discovered through my favourite class at university (marketing culture) and it’s something every family needs to incorporate into their lives.

Hygge (pronounced hooga) originates in Denmark (with no direct translation) and focuses on feeling cosy, warm and plain old happy! How wonderful is that? a whole trend or process devoted to being cosy?! It’s something that I am really trying to create more hygge time in our family life and it’s really rewarding.

Right now, Friday evenings is mine and Lily’s hygge time. We both finish nursery and university classes for the day late, get home at around 6pm and all we want to do is sit and do nothing…perfect! It’s also a girly night for us. Her dad is always working Friday nights so I like to take advantage and have mummy-daughter time.

So to get all cosy and in the hygge spirit, we get in from the cold, get warm and snuggle up in our PJs, grab a blanket some snacks and relax in front of the TV. Okay we, tend to watch CBeebies bedtime hour, but it’s magical and makes me feel warm inside. Even though she’s only three, it surprisingly gives us time to chat, have a laugh and just get engrossed in the stories being told.

Hygge involves just enjoying and loving the simple things in life and sitting there with Lily and just feeling close to her is the best. I’m also surprised at the positive effects it seems to have had on our day-to-day lives. Lily had been playing up for a while, just being generally sassy and talking back a bit (I know, she’s three!) and I knew it was due to everything being hectic and her feeling a bit ignored. Since doing this every week and spending that extra time together, I feel she’s really calmed down and seems to be really benefiting from it.

A cosy hygge cuddle with Pooh Bear!
We’ve recently been working through some writing workbooks, trying to encourage her to write the alphabet and various small words. It’s been nice to see her bring these books to me during our time together and show a real interest in doing them together. Hygge has been amazing. she’s been so relaxed and is enjoying learning these new things.


It’s fascinating that one small change to an evening in the week can results in so many good outcomes. Over my Christmas holidays, I’m trying to find more times during the day to incorporate this type of quality time into out life. I think being busy then having a sudden break has highlighted the need for these weekly snuggle times.

Every fmaily needs a little bit of hygge time, even if it’s just for 10 minuets or so. It really does work wonders, thank you Denmark!

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