Gingerbread Decorating

Just a small post for you all today.

To get in the Christmas spirit, I spent Tuesday afternoon baking a batch of gingerbread biscuits. I wanted to do something fun and homely to expand my hygge¬†time with Lily and thought gingerbread would be a great route, one problem, never made it before! It’s a recipe that people have told me is quite hard, but BBC Food list one that is really simple and easy to follow (you can find it here!) and my biggest tip would be to read it through before starting so that you are 100% sure of the order to add the ingredients.¬†

Making the actual gingerbread took me about an hour. The recipe made a lot of dough so the majority of time was spent rolling it out and cutting our the biscuit shapes but I’m sure there is a recipe out there for a smaller amount. Once baked, they were amazing! We did eat a couple just to check them. We allowed the rest of them to cool down over night so we could decorate them in the morning.

The next morning I laid out the biscuits and icing tubes for Lily and she loved it! We had icing everywhere but it was amazing. I attempted to make a Christmas wreath on my biscuits (pretty successful) while Lily just went nuts with icing. At one point I think more ended up in her mouth than on the biscuits but it’s all part of the fun. We even made a cute one with Lily’s name on it. I asked Lily what it was she had drawn on her biscuits and she said she had drawn all the things she’d like to ask Father Christmas for. I guess we’ll have to make some more to share with him too!

To make the setting moreChristmas themed, we did this during a PJs morning while watching Miracle on 34th Street. Lily has NEVER seen it and I love it (the version with Matilda that is). I really am enjoying the Christmas spirit this year. We need to get Lily watching all of the best films, Home Alone, The Grinch and of course The Muppets Christmas Carol.

Anyway back to bakeing. Once iced, I left the cookies to dry before we enjoyed them with out lunch. Although making the gingerbread was a bit tough, it was worth it! We had such a great time decorating them and there was something rewarding about being able to say I made homemade gingerbread at Christmas. I feel like I get a little tick in the mum box for that one!

You can see more photos from our baking fun on Instagram and Twitter (#YMSGChristmas).


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