Cbeebies Art Magazine

I struggle with arts and crafts. I’m not the nest at it, but I love finding the ideas and trying. Luckily this Christmas, CBeebies have helped me out! Their art magazine this Christmas comes with everything you need to make a festive friend. As an avid Frozen fan, Lily decided to make a snowman, a really simple task. What I loved about this set was you didn’t need anything extra, it came with everything you could possibly need.


We started by setting out all the pieces we needed, that way we know where everything is. I think that’s the over-organised mum in me coming into play. It was great, there were only about five things in total. We also found the page of instructions easily, it’s practically the first feature in the magazine.

For the snowman, you needed to thread a section of string through the two cotton balls. Sounds hard? Nope, the lovely people at Cbeebies have already added Perspex tubing to guide you! Remember to tie a knot at the end to stop the cotton slipping off. At the top end, I made a small loop so that Lily can hang her snowman on the tree.

Lily then decided to mix and match her kits. She took the twig legs (designed for a bird craft) and use them for the snowman’s arms and found the coal style stickers to add his eyes and three front buttons. I was really surprised at how well they stuck onto the cotton. In other kits, I’ve had to add a small bit of super glue and the stick simply won’t work. It really has been a simple task. We then added a pipe cleaner for his scarf and presto! We have a snowman for our Christmas tree!

This really didn’t take very long. Altogether, I think it only took around 10 minutes so small in comparison to others, but when it’s the holidays and there are a lot of things going on, small activities like this are all you need to get your child enthusiastic about Christmas. It was also a welcome break in the day from my university research, my mind felt ready to go again.  Have a look at some of our photos on Instagram from this activity and don’t forget to share your Christmas crafts with us at #YMSGChristmas.


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