Where did my baby go?

Seriously, where did she go?

Lily is three years old but comes across as young, sassy, independent girl older than her years. Today, I found her enjoying a science lesson with her dad in the kitchen after she became fascinated by the steam on the window. What surprised me most was she was able to actually understand it and explain it back to us! It was a sweet moment, but one that made me stop and think.

She really has grown so much on an intellectual level. We always seem to notice the changes in our children on a physical scale. The way they outgrow their clothes or walk and run more, but the thought behind their actions and their language get overlooked. I’ve noticed that Lily’s language is amazing. She has such a flare for description and loves to explain things. She currently likes to explain the family links we all have. For example, she likes to point out that her Nana is my mummy and that Auntie Charlie and Auntie Berni are my sisters. She also loves showing me how she does things

Discovering the beautiful world around her

She also loves showing me how she does things such as jigsaws. She’ll happily sit and complete one, but will then show you with a (long) description of how she does it. It’s lovely, but sometimes it does drag on for a good five minutes!

It all amazes me. As someone who struggled with learning new things, I’m in awe of how quickly Lily can pick things up. We have also started the amazing journey of learning to read thanks to a great Christmas present, a collection of Ladybird reading books. It has different levels of reading and so many different stories. She’s starting to recognise some of the words now and is slowly, but steadily getting through the stories and learning basic vocabulary. This week she’s started recognise and reading words such as ‘the’, ‘it’, ‘that’, basic words, but it’s a start. Maybe I’ll be the one getting a bedtime story soon!

It’s beautiful to watch I think as a parent. I could happily sit there and watch her play all day. Watching her make those little connections and living through her own eureka moments when she overcomes a problem. I think it may possibly be the best thing about being a parent.

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