Nearly there now!

This week I have had the sudden vision that university is nearly over. In May I have to sit an exam and that will be the end of it and we can finally say we did it!

We really have done ourselves proud. Over the last three years Matt, Lily and I have had stress and upset from university, work and all manner of different things, but we’ve done it. We’ve done it as a family and I feel reaching this milestone of completing my degree as something we should all celebrate.

I’m also proud of us as parents. I know a lot of people were expecting me to sit at home, give up on my dream of going to university and to have had another baby by now, but that’s not what I wanted. As a younger parent, people seem to assume that your life just stops. I hope, in a way, I have shown them that being young parents just adds another talent to your life, it’s not a barrier to others. If anything, being a parent has helped my university adventure. It has helped learn the importance of down-to-second organisation, how to balance multiple commitments and driven me to succeed, all very useful job skills.


Walking off to a bright future! 


Most of all, we’ve both shown Lily that by working hard, you can achieve so much. Over the past three years, Matt has progressed and achieved so much at work and I am really proud of him. He has shown Lily that if you’re passionate about something, you can make it work for you. I hope that I have shown her that you can do whatever you want to do with enough determination, even if other people are negative about it.

I’m now just counting down the days until those last few assignments and presentations are due. It’s scary and right now, failure is my biggest fear. No one wants to fall at the last hurdle do they.

Fingers crossed it’s all okay, then we can relax…oh no, there is still our wedding to organise! 2017 may be stressful and busy, but it will be the best!

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