I do believe in fairies

Do you believe in fairies? I do! I believe in fairies that share stories, imagination and adventure. 

A month or so ago, I discovered an excellent organisation called The Book Fairies through actress Emma Watson’s Instagram account. They encourage you to share your old books by hiding them within the local community to surprise and bring a smile to someone else. It sounds perfect and felt like a great activity for Lily and I to do around Canterbury.

As a city full of rich heritage and history, there are hundreds of secret alleyways, statues and parks to share our favourite stories so went the book fairies’ website and ordered a pack of their stickers (£1.50).

One of Canterbury’s newsest book fairies! 


You get 10 stickers in your pack, which to start with, is more than enough! After taking some inspiration from Emma’s Instagram, I bound our selected books up in some ribbon to make them look a little bit more gift like as I felt that’s what we were doing – gifting an adventure to someone.

The hardest part was deciding which adventures to share. We have such a wide variety of books in our house from Philippa Gregory to Enid Blyton.We decided to share books that I love (mainly historical based novels) and some that Lily no longer used such as The Gingerbread Man and the Teletubbies. Canterbury has such a vast range of ages and cultures as part of its community, I’m sure someone will love them!

It feels like such a positive way to get involved in our community. Not only are you sharing something with someone in a really unique way, the thought of making someone smile was amazing. Canterbury has a fairly large homeless community and a large part of me really hopes that some of our books find their way to them, to show them that sometime, random acts of kindness do still happen and that as a community, we can be loving and considerate of each other. This is something which I’m hoping to continue with Lily as she grows. It’s a really fulfilling exeprience and as reading and education is an important aspect of our lives here, it feels right to help share as many stories as we can.

You can discover more about The Book Fairies through #ibelieveinfairies and keep your eyes open for books in your community…


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