A Wild & Scary Adventure!

We’re in the final two weeks of university. The written work is over and there is only one exam left. It’s the perfect time to take a short break to catch up with my family. This weekend we headed to Brighton to see the Wild and Scary show featuring CBBC’s Naomi Wilkinson and some of her creepy crawly friends!

As a family, we’ve never been to Brighton, despite it being relatively easy for us to get to. It was also a rare occasion where we are going to the theatre and Matt isn’t working there! It’s refreshing shall we say. It’s also been a tough time for us, getting over the loss of a family member and this seemed the best way to get everyone smiling again.

Of course, we started with the obligatory pre-show meal. We came across All-Bar-One while exploring some of the ‘off streets’ and stuffed our faces with a selection of our favourites from their tapas menu. It’s a nice selection, but the portions are more like a meal, something that I don’t feel you need when having a selection of things. It was tasty though and it calmed our hungry bellies.


Finally, though we headed to the Brighton Dome for Naomi’s Wild & Scary adventure! Now as someone not very comfortable around nature and insects, I was petrified! I had no idea what to really expect. I went in thinking it would be the typical children’s show with a story to follow and you met the animals along the way…I was wrong!

The show had a fabulous mix of cabaret style entertainment (songs, jokes) intertwined with the narrative of Naomi’s global travels. The songs were fun and made the adults, as well as the children, laugh, with topics relating to the lack of facilities found in the jungle and so on (let’s face it everyone loves some light hearted toilet humour).

She introduced the animals in a globe-trotting style, working her way across the globe which I found more interesting and added a new level of information to the education aspect of the performance.

It was fun and light-hearted but involved a couple of moments where Naomi talked about the issues facing our natural world today and how we can help protect a number of different species from extinction. I normally feel a bit awkward during speeches like this, it makes me feel like I’m back in a classroom, but Naomi was so passionate about what she was saying. You could hear and sense how much love she has for these animals and how determined she is to protect them for future generations that it has really left a mark on me and my view of the world. I could also tell from Lily’s concentration that she was invested, learning and really listening to what she had to say.  To grab the attention of a three-year-old that way with such an emotive and, frankly political topic, I find astonishing.

This has been an amazing experience where we have learnt so much. If you get the chance to see Naomi in the future or to watch her show, take it! She is a great role model for everyone, not just children. I’m hoping she’ll take her show on the road again soon.

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