Adulting…I’m not that bad at it after all!

University is over, work is now full time and life is readjusting and the next level of ‘adulting’…is really hard! 

Being a young parent revolves around juggling. Juggling people’s judgments, your education, the needs of your child and now, the juggling of school pick up and office responsibilities. This week was my first week full-time at work and I knew it would be tough, but I feel like I may sink a little more before I start swimming comfortably.  The jump from part-time to full-time may just seem like a few extra hours here and there, but you find yourself part of the office life in a more embedded way than before. Those hours where you’re the one missing, well now you need to find your place in your colleagues’ way of doing things. I’m not entirely sure I’ve found mine yet.

It has given me one thing though. That is the feeling that I’m now on a ‘level’ playing field with my older counterparts.


One of the things that I felt stood me apart from the older mothers at playgroup and nursery school, was that I was a student, going home with homework and having to go to class and learn new things (that’s not a bad thing though). Now though, I feel like I can say ‘yes, I have a career too’, one that I studied and worked hard for. I feel like I can join in the conversations about making it to payday with enough food in the fridge, getting the next bill paid, the office gossip and more.

I can also count myself now as one of the million odd commuters of the country, trying to get myself up to get out of the house at 6:30 am to drive to work through the inevitable traffic. I wouldn’t change any of though.

Yes, it’s tough. I hate leaving the house and Lily is still in bed, I miss the social routine of grabbing a coffee with my friends in Starbucks before a culture and communication lecture, but I feel useful! I feel like I am contributing something to my household and that I am actually good at something.

My new Happiness Planner arrived recently and this one will be used to help me focus and achieve the goals I have set myself in the first year of my career, which I know will go on to be amazing!


2 thoughts on “Adulting…I’m not that bad at it after all!

  1. I’m glad that you seem to enjoy (parts of) it. You worked really hard for it. But it makes me sad that you had and probably still have to deal with so many judgements and prejudices. I think that it’s way more difficult to raise a child at a younger age than the average in your country. And I have a lot of respect for your accomplishments. Your blogs always cheer me up 🙂


    1. There are just so many judgments around for young parents. I have learnt in this process that the support is there and it is amazing! I’m really excited to be graduating as I feel it’s not just my graduation, but Lily’s as well. I’m glad you enjoy reading all about our journey!

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